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ADVANCED BOLTING SOLUTIONS in Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Fast Track industrial Resources LLC | Fast Track Mechanical Equipments LLC |



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bolting tools UAE | Fast Track Industrial Resources LLC |
bolting tools UAE | Fast Track Industrial Resources LLC |

alkitronic® - HOME OF TORQUE POWER
The torque technology manufactory for extreme applications.

Development, production and distribution of high quality and innovative products in the field of bolting.

That is what the alki TECHNIK GmbH stands for.

As a leading international company with headquarters in Germany and activities in more than 75 countries worldwide, we have been successfully developing and producing special bolting under the alkitronic® brand since the early 1980s.

Our products are defined in 5 series. There are the Electrics, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, as well as Manuals and Accessoires.

Innovative novelty
High Speed 24/7

The alkitronic® NOVA

alkitronic® NOVA is an innovative quality product “Made in Germany”.

  • The alkitronic NOVA is the fastest electric hydraulic pump.

  • Can be used worldwide: With 100 - 253 V / 45-66 Hz and up to 700 bar, hydraulic tools with single or double-acting cylinders are operated.

  • Available in duo or quattro version. Two or four hydraulic wrenches can be connected to one pump and bolt in parallel.


When you’re looking for reliability and dependability at the best price, look no further than TorsionX. TorsionX tools are manufactured and assembled in the United States to ensure the best in quality and craftsmanship.

Precision-machined from the best material to give you the greatest torque with control and ease, TorsionX has solutions for all of your bolting needs. Whatever your industry: Natural Gas, Steel, Coal, Chemical, Manufacturing, Oil Refining, Mining, Railroad, Power Generation and Wind Industries, we have the tools you need to do the job right the first time.

Boltight solutions for Oil & Gas

Our tools let you tighten and loosen bolts quickly, easily and safely – even when you’re working in the harshest environments.

Working on an oil rig is tough. Strong winds and rain threaten to pull you over the edge and you’re deafened by the sound of heavy machinery. Drilling operations expose you to the risk of serious injury, making safety absolutely paramount. Equipment is in constant operation and everything needs to be 100 percent reliable. The pace needs to be high and every minute of downtime is costly.

We work closely with the oil and gas industry to develop solutions that suit your unique requirements.

Our tools can secure your bolted joints in the following areas:

  • Topside

  • Gas

  • Petrochemical

  • Refineries

  • Offshore

  • Subsea

Standard solutions

Our standard hydraulic tensioners and Xtra range bolt tensioners are used both onshore and offshore on the following applications - high pressure and subsea pipeline flanges, compact flanges, heat exchangers, cranes, pumps, valves and more.

Customized solutions

Boltight produces customized solutions to suit the unique requirements of your industry. We have developed bolt tensioning systems for applications that are difficult to access. We also produce lightweight and operator friendly tools for large diameter bolting. Customized designs are completed within a few days and we are committed to producing the final product quickly - so you can get to work as soon as possible.

Other solutions

Boltight Echometer and Echometer+, provide a fast and accurate method for monitoring bolt elongation using the latest ultrasonic technology.

SUPERBOLT advanced bolting solutions

Superbolt was the world’s first to revolutionize nuts and bolts with multi-jackbolt tensioning (MJT) technology. Our technology has been proven in tens of thousands of successful installations and we continue to develop a multitude of solutions to solve the next generation of bolting challenges.

Flexnuts have been specially developed for through-hole applications. Their reactive design distributes the bolt load along many threads, adds elasticity and prevents stress concentrations in the first few threads.

This helps relieve stress concentrations and increases the fatigue life of the bolt. Since Flexnuts are reactive nuts to be used opposite our tensioners, they are never torqued directly to achieve preload.

Superbolt Multi-Jackbolt Tensioners (MJTs) allow users to tighten large bolts accurately with simple hand tools. The new Superbolt Tool adds an extra layer of speed to this solution by tightening all the jackbolts simultaneously.

Although Superbolt tensioners are already quick and easy to use, the added speed of the Superbolt Tool can benefit those who use a high number of MJTs and/or those who have frequent maintenance schedules, as the Tool reduces installation and removal times considerably.